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About me

Information about myself …

I am Robert Hoekstra, born on the 5th of June, 1976 in Amersfoort, the Netherlands and I currently live in Amersfoort.
In case you have some comments, suggestions or other things to tell me, leave me a comment.

I live together with my girlfriend Dianne and our cats Gizmo and Lucky. We live in the north of Amersfoort (about 50 km east of Amsterdam) and like it very much.

My biggest hobby is computers. Once in a while a whole bunch of friends of mine come together, each with his or her computer and build a local network. This mostly starts on Fridays, and lasts ’till Sunday afternoon. We sleep and eat whenever we like, without looking at the watch, for the whole weekend.
In such a weekend we play the newest games, and share our newly obtained utilities.

Also I am in a Gaming Clan, MC Gamers, which supports multiple gaming disciplines, like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, America’s Army Operations, BattleField 1942/Vietnam/Desert Combat, Enemy Territory, Joint Operations, Freelancer, and more. Lots of time is spent here not for playing (hope I could), but rather for technical support, keeping the servers running, as well as the forums. This, together with a great team within the clan!

I currently have two systems, with two operating systems on them. These are:

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional (used for compatibility with appliance software)
  • Linux , distros Fedora Core release 9 and Gentoo.

I am doing training to become RHCA, and having three out of five modules so far, I’m doing rather well. I will become one of the few non-RedHat employees who will be RHCA. Perhaps this enables my carreer in more high level Linux work one day.

Currently I am employed at NCCW in Almere. it’s a half hour drive, so one hour per day. NCCW does the hosting for the housing market. We are the one-stop-shop, providing:

  • End user workstation support
  • Software development
  • Printing / mailing (snailmail)

The servers are run on VMWare technology, running a mixture of Microsoft Windows and RedHat Linux.