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Next Fedora Release

LogStash / CouchDB / ElasticSearch -> Bending your rivers

ElasticSearch used to have a nice feature called “rivers”. Using a river it was easy to get your CouchDB data into an ElasticSearch index. Since ElasticSearch 1.5 rivers are deprecated. (see ElasticSearch rivers deprecated) One of the solutions is to use LogStash to ship your CouchDB data to ElasticSearch. If you do so, you . . . → Read More: LogStash / CouchDB / ElasticSearch -> Bending your rivers

Why I am FedUp with Fedora 18 (Pun intended)

Recently Fedora 18 has been released. As always I’m about the first to upgrade my laptop to the latest version to experience the improvements.

This time though, it’s an incredible LET DOWN. I even consider moving away from Fedora because of this last desvelopment. Being an advanced Linux user I’m familiar with running . . . → Read More: Why I am FedUp with Fedora 18 (Pun intended)

Puppet, Puppet functions & CouchDB: A powerful combination

Are you automating your deployments with Puppet? We are too.I believe it’s a great tool to manage your infrastructure in an organized way.

But what about all the rich data that is stored in the Puppet nodes files? Isn’t that data that could be useful for other processes/purposes? Yes it is, and that’s why . . . → Read More: Puppet, Puppet functions & CouchDB: A powerful combination

Hurricane Electric IPv6 Guru, yay

Wow, checking the Hurricane Electric site (my ipv6 broker) I noticed they have a certification program to express one’s knowledge on ipv6.

I managed to go from enthusiast > administrator > professional up to Guru. The last one will be a no-go, as my TLD provider doesn’t support ipv6 Glue records.. too bad.

. . . → Read More: Hurricane Electric IPv6 Guru, yay

TOGAF Certified

As of last week, I’m finally TOGAF 9 certified. With this, I’m allowed to call myself enterprise architect, at least, educated to perform architecture.

Okay, so now I have my license to drive, but yet I’m about to learn how to drive properly… 🙂


Bug in OpenID plugin for wordpress

Do you suffer the fact that you just updated your wordpress plugins, and openID in special, after which your wordpress becomes unusable? I had the same and here’s how to resolve..

Open wp-includes/user.php and at the line that says:

function get_usermeta( $user_id, $meta_key = ”) {

Just write a new function just above That . . . → Read More: Bug in OpenID plugin for wordpress

Fiber optics live !

Yes, it’s live, my fiber optics internet connection is live..

Now why is this so nice? Check, it has my photo albums.. with 100mbit upstream (and my server stationed at home, it is well usable for a viewer..

I like . . .

Twitter usable ??

As of now I have integrated the nicest online services: LinkedIn, WordPress, Plaxo, FaceBook and the desktop (Firefox and tweetdeck) now all use twitter to update any activity I have had.

Now I will have to be careful what I do, har har..

Passed for RHCA

Last week I’ve been to London again for my last Red Hat course.. With this I have achieved my RHCA status.

Am I happy about this? no doubt.. It taught me well about several enterprise implementations of Red Hat products that enhanced my knowledge on those topics towards the datacenter as a whole. Now . . . → Read More: Passed for RHCA

Upgrade Fedora 9 to 10, with IPA-server

Hi again,

Just today I have upgraded my Fedora 9 IPA-server to the latest Fedora version, namely Fedora 10.

As reckless can one be.. just upgrade the system (with all of its db4 libraries), while the ipa instance is still running, increasing the risk of corrupting the (live) berkeley databases that are the back-end of the ldap instances.

I managed to fix the problems I encountered.. read on to read about my investigation and how I solved the problem, it might be of use if you happen to have the same symptoms . . .

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