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Next Fedora Release

Fiber optics live !

Yes, it’s live, my fiber optics internet connection is live..

Now why is this so nice? Check, it has my photo albums.. with 100mbit upstream (and my server stationed at home, it is well usable for a viewer..

I like . . .

Tension increasing.. Not long from now . . .

.. and I will become a dad !!

Yet a couple of things will have to be managed before we can ‘accept’ our youngest family member to our midst. Namely.. the name… This isn’t easy at all..

As with everything else, we’ll manage, but for now it is still undetermined… And after that, the . . . → Read More: Tension increasing.. Not long from now . . .

New mobile phone

Yep, it’s about two years now.. pondering away…

My mobile phone is facing retirement… it’s a blazing two years old (you know how many DAYS that is.. sheesh).

Time goes fast though.. also in mobile technology.. so I invested quite some time in selecting my new phone.. It’s clear that Android has my favour. . . . → Read More: New mobile phone