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Next Fedora Release

For everything a first time

This is my first post using a Blog client..

It’s Drivel.. It works well on Linux and seems to be the tool that actually makes me post blogs without me needing to use the browser 😉

Even subjects and a category can be added… though I miss the possibility to select multiple categories, nor . . . → Read More: For everything a first time

Google Chrome does not work with HP ILO interface

Unfortunately, HP ILO (C Class Blades, so ILO2) does not work well together with Google Chrome..

I don’t know why, but Chrome doesn’t proceed from ‘Loading’ to the login screen.. This issue is rather annoying, as this is a major blocker in us being able to adopt this new browser.

Why do we want . . . → Read More: Google Chrome does not work with HP ILO interface

A successful dive, at last

Last Sunday, I had my first successful dive in about a year…

Last week I tried as well, but I was unlucky not to be able to clear my ears, disabling the descent below 3 meters.

But last Sunday, it was awesome, in the nice water of Dutch Vinkeveen, I saw a snoek, was . . . → Read More: A successful dive, at last

Almost RHCA

Yes.. Time is approaching.. yet two modules to go before I will be RHCA.. finally. I think it will be of value to be certified.. it is a new milestone in my Linux carreer.. it certifies my knowledge which I have gained in the last 12 years of Linux enthousiasm.

The last module will . . . → Read More: Almost RHCA

Fedora 9 finally working in VMWare guest

Yes.. I finally got it working.. not granting this issue much time, it took a while for me to have my Fedora 9 machine working within a VMWare workstation session…

What was wrong? The mouse pointer was not synchronized well. The guest ‘saw’ my pointer on other places than where my actual mouse was.

. . . → Read More: Fedora 9 finally working in VMWare guest

cocktail shake workshop

This saturday, we will be doing a cocktail shake workshop with a lot of friends. Not knowing what to expect, I am very curious..

I am curious if this will change the way we are cerebrating our birthdays, will we be shaking cocktails from now on? Or will we remain pouring ourselves fruit juices . . . → Read More: cocktail shake workshop

fglrx on Gentoo, ongoing frustration

With the use of the ATI fglrx driver on Gentoo, the frustrations are far from over.

My configuration:

laptop, HP nc8430 two displays, panel (1680×1050) and an external monitor (1280×1024) Gentoo Linux, at time of writing kernel 2.6.25-gentoo-r8 (stable) ati-drivers 8.532, the 8.9 version of the ATI Catalyst driver

The problem: Besides known issues . . . → Read More: fglrx on Gentoo, ongoing frustration

Keyboard problems in GNOME

I can’t understand why, but as a Dvorak typist I run into problems with GNOME. GNOME has a nice feature to switch the keyboard lay-out from the default, QWERTY, to the Dvorak layout.

But, it doesn’t (reliably) work for Ctrl and Alt keys. I am not sure what causes the troubles, but according to . . . → Read More: Keyboard problems in GNOME