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Next Fedora Release

Merry Christmas

From here I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy, successful and healthy 2010 !!

Kattenbroek to get fiber optics network !

And over half a year past our start, we have a go on achieving our fiber optics network in the neighborhood.. What will this mean? Higher bandwidths while the prices remain acceptable… (cheap, in my opinion…)..

seven monhts of hard work.. finally being payed off !!

Kattenbroek connected to fiber…

It finally is taking off.. Don’t know how long until it gets actually connected, but Kattenbroek (the area of Amersfoort I live in) has an initiative started to get connected to the fiber network. Therefore, I happily show the following banner:

The official Kattenbroek to the fiber . . . → Read More: Kattenbroek connected to fiber…

Upgrade from Fedora 9 to 10

It went smooth… so I thought…

Oh. wait, this sounds worse than it is… it WENT smooth.. but not totally flawless!.. Here’s what I found out when upgrading Fedora 9 to 10.

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