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Fedora 21 & Broadband connections not working -> Workaround to enter your PIN

Are you running Fedora 21?
And are you trying to establish a Broadband Connection?
And you can not get it to work?
And I used to work nicely under Fedora 19 & 20?

This is caused by the fact you try to establish the connection, and your Gnome desktop does not ask you for your PIN (anymore).

Here is what I did:

  • Make sure you have the nm-connection-editor RPM installed on your system.
  • sudo nm-connection-editor
  • Add   [Next]
  • Mobile Broadband   [Next]
  • Select the Broadband device   [Next]
  • Select your Country   [Next]
  • Select your Provider   [Next]
  • Select your Billing plan   [Next]
  • [Apply]

And now the most important thing to make it work:

  • Enter your PIN and press   [Save]
  • [Close]

Now your Mobile Broadband connection should appear on the top-right side of you Gnome desktop.


if you already configured you mobile connection, and you only want to fix the pin: Then use nm-cli and enter these commands:

  • nmcli connection show
  • Now copy the UUID of your Mobile Broadband connection
  • nmcli connection edit <your UUID>
  • set <your PIN>
  • save
  • quit
  • yes

I hope this workaround is useful for you.

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