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Next Fedora Release

Fiber optics live !

Yes, it’s live, my fiber optics internet connection is live..

Now why is this so nice? Check, it has my photo albums.. with 100mbit upstream (and my server stationed at home, it is well usable for a viewer..

I like . . .

For everything a first time

This is my first post using a Blog client..

It’s Drivel.. It works well on Linux and seems to be the tool that actually makes me post blogs without me needing to use the browser 😉

Even subjects and a category can be added… though I miss the possibility to select multiple categories, nor . . . → Read More: For everything a first time

cocktail shake workshop

This saturday, we will be doing a cocktail shake workshop with a lot of friends. Not knowing what to expect, I am very curious..

I am curious if this will change the way we are cerebrating our birthdays, will we be shaking cocktails from now on? Or will we remain pouring ourselves fruit juices . . . → Read More: cocktail shake workshop