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Next Fedora Release

fglrx on Gentoo, ongoing frustration

With the use of the ATI fglrx driver on Gentoo, the frustrations are far from over.

My configuration:

laptop, HP nc8430 two displays, panel (1680×1050) and an external monitor (1280×1024) Gentoo Linux, at time of writing kernel 2.6.25-gentoo-r8 (stable) ati-drivers 8.532, the 8.9 version of the ATI Catalyst driver

The problem: Besides known issues . . . → Read More: fglrx on Gentoo, ongoing frustration

Keyboard problems in GNOME

I can’t understand why, but as a Dvorak typist I run into problems with GNOME. GNOME has a nice feature to switch the keyboard lay-out from the default, QWERTY, to the Dvorak layout.

But, it doesn’t (reliably) work for Ctrl and Alt keys. I am not sure what causes the troubles, but according to . . . → Read More: Keyboard problems in GNOME